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The Springfield family law attorneys at James R. Potter, P.C. have many years of combined experience helping individuals and families resolve legal conflicts. Our professionals pursue a favorable resolution in every case with energy and enthusiasm, and an attorney is always available to answer your questions. Whether you are facing a divorce, custody battle, child support or spousal support issues, our skilled family law attorneys deliver high-quality representation every time.

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Our family law-savvy attorneys can provide representation for almost any family law case:

  • Divorce. The attorneys at James R. Potter, P.C. can assist you with a contested or uncontested divorce. We are skilled negotiators when your spouse is willing to work toward an agreement, but we are tenacious litigators when your case needs judicial intervention.
  • Property division. Whether your marital estate consisted of vast real estate holdings and a large stock portfolio or simply a few cherished household goods, a property division that includes sensible spousal maintenance provisions can be used to fairly divide debts and assets.

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The American family is much different now than it was 30 years ago, but family legal disputes are no less emotionally charged and challenging. Our attorneys use tact, finesse and determination to facilitate negotiations when possible, but we are prepared to fight aggressively for you in court when necessary to achieve the resolution you need. Contact James R. Potter, P.C. at 217-806-0323 or online to schedule a free consultation.

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